Alaska Grizzly Bears 2019 - Photography by Leighton

Alaska Grizzly Bears 2019

Dates: June 7-12 2019 (6 days 5 nights)

Cost: $5150 US (all credit card transactions subject to a 3% surcharge)

Join me in Alaska in 2019 as we venture into bear country in search for momma grizzly bears and cubs as they feed on the abundance of sedge grasses. With over 21 hours of daylight we will have plenty of opportunities to view these magnificent animals in their natural environment. Other animals that we may encounter are owls, eagles, coyotes, wolves, puffins and whales

June 7

Depart Anchorage via seaplane (included) to our lodge located in the remote Lake Clark Alaska, home to some of the best grizzly bear viewing in the World! Once settled in we will set off for our first session in search for bears. 

Once back at the lodge, we will look through our first day's images and see how we can improve for the upcoming days. 

June 8

Be prepared to search for and photograph grizzly bears all day! We will spend a lot of time in the ATV's searching for wildlife. 

During our down time I will be doing mini post processing sessions. Answering any questions you may have about photography. 

June 9

More grizzly bear and wildlife viewing.

June 10

More grizzly bear and wildlife viewing. 

June 11

We will take a boat trip (weather dependent) to visit a local puffin colony. Along the way we could see whales, otters and seals. Don't forget to take in the beautiful Alaskan scenery! 

June 12

We will be doing our last morning session searching for bears before our afternoon return flight back to Anchorage. 

I recommend spending the night in Anchorage before flying home to avoid possible seaplane delays dues to weather.

What's included:

-Seaplane transfer to and from Anchorage to Lake Clark


-Professional guiding and transfers to see the bears

-Meals while in Lake Clark

- All Photographic field instruction 

- Post processing sessions

-Taxes and  park fees

What's not included:

-International/ domestic flights to and from Anchorage

- Accommodations for your first and last night in Anchorage 

-Food in Anchorage

-Mandatory travel insurance (For more info on travel insurance please click HERE)

-Personal purchases

-Tips and gratuities

Cancelation Policy

A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation. There is a 3% fee for all credit card transactions. If a cancellation occurs outside of 60 days of your scheduled arrival, then a 50% refund will be issued and if within 60 days, then the deposit is forfeited.

TRAVEL INSURANCE is mandatory for all guests, being that we will be in a remote location where weather can lead to cancelled flights.

Q: What typical weather patterns and temperatures can we expect?

Top A: The weather is coastal which means rain can be likely so bring a raincoat, although we do experience periods of sunshine. Expect temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s (F), and sudden changes, including wind, are common. Bring layered clothing.

Q: Are there restrictions on the amount of baggage to bring?

Top A: Because you will be transported by small plane, we ask that you limit your gear as close to 50# per person as possible. Sometimes exceptions are made for photo tour groups, and it is also possible to mail some gear to us ahead of time. The name and address to use are: Steve Toth, 1618 Tanaga Circle, Kenai, Alaska 99611 and best to ship it at least 6 weeks prior to your arrival, & make sure you write the party name on the outside of the box. Steve is our expediter, very reliable, and his phone number is (907) 252-3118, email There may be extra charges if excessive gear results in additional plane trips. Please limit your gear to clothing, a few personal items and photo/fishing related equipment.

Q: How much walking will we be doing?

Top A: We are equipped to transport people into the field who have difficulty walking long distances. This includes the use of ATV’s with trailers that will transport you for bear viewing, photo excursions and fishing, but it is important to expect that a reasonable amount of walking will be necessary. There are areas where walking can be challenging, such as on the tidal flats and places around the creek which are muddy.

Q: Will we be transported by boat during our stay?

Top A: Same day and overnight guests generally will not be utilizing any boat services. Those staying longer than two nights will have the option of boat trips to bird sanctuaries, coastal explorations and fossil beds, and the boat is necessary for halibut fishing and access to the tent camp site. Our charter vessels are operated by coast guard licensed captains, and we have a 100% safety record in 29 years of operation.

Q: How bad are the insects?

Top A: There are annoying insects throughout Alaska but they are easily managed by a combination of insect repellent, head-nets, or simply ignoring them. Mosquitoes are more common in early summer while no-see-ums and “white sox” (small gnats) more common later in the summer. We have a good supply of repellents but you are welcome to bring your own. Alaskan insects do not carry diseases but the bites can result in swelling and itching.

Q: What measures are taken to be sure we are safe from the bears?

Top A: Our guides are trained to understand bear behavior and know the parameters surrounding safe bear viewing practices. Most of the bears we see are already somewhat acclimated to the presence of humans, and there has never been a serious negative encounter with bears in our 20 year history of providing bear viewing services. With that said, the bears at Silver Salmon are still free-ranging wild mammals and need to be approached with caution, and the guides will ensure your safety while assessing behavior and possible stress signs of the bears. People react to the close presence of bears very individually, and if you are uncomfortable with the proximity between yourself and the bears, we will accommodate your concerns and make adjustments accordingly.

Q: What if we have dietary restrictions?

Top A: Our kitchen staff is very sensitive to any special dietary needs. By letting us know well ahead of time (and reminding us again by email 1-2 weeks before your arrival if possible), we are able to accommodate most requests.

Q: Are boots necessary?

Top A: Yes. For daily bear viewing/photography in the local area, most people get by fine with knee boots, which we have a large supply of. Some people, especially photographers, prefer hip or even chest waders. The nearby meadows and tidal flats can be marshy and wet. Boat activities require hip waders, and while we have some in stock, many guests prefer bringing their own. It is best to contact us a short time before arriving in order to know if a correct size is available for you. We are limited in knee and hip boots of size 13 or larger. Hip boots can be purchased at any sporting goods store in Anchorage, Soldotna or Homer.

Q: Is there a chance our arrival or departure will be delayed by weather?

Top A: Because we use chartered small aircraft for transporting you, there is always a chance that bad weather may pre-empt a flight, but it’s unusual and delays are often only a portion of one day. For this reason in addition to the possibility of a domino affect on your travel plans after leaving SSCL, we strongly encourage trip insurance and have links on our reservation page. In the event weather forces an extra night at SSCL, we charge $100 per person for room and board.

Q: Do you have internet service?

Top A: Yes, we have a satellite dish and you are welcome to bring your own laptop computer. However, we only have limited band-width and it is imperative that you not send photos, stream videos, or access programs that will exceed our band-width allocation. When that happens, the system gets shut down for 2 days and everyone suffers. Emails without photos are fine.

Q: May we bring our own alcohol beverages?

Top A: Absolutely. We do not have a full service bar at SSCL but you are welcome and encouraged to bring any alcoholic beverages you wish. In the case of large amounts of beer/wine, we may be able to purchase that for you ahead of time and store it at the lodge, if notified at least 1 month prior to your arrival.

Q: What type of physical disabilities or medical conditions might create difficulties for me?

Top A: You don’t need to be in perfect shape, as the walking is generally over short distances. There are stairs leading to the dining area and we are set up for CPAP users. Joanne is a board certified emergency medicine physician and is happy to answer any medical questions prior to planning your trip.

Q: What is a typical itinerary for an overnight bear viewing trip?

Top A: Your plane usually leaves at 9 AM and you arrive 35 minutes later (from Soldotna or Homer). You are taken to the lodge by ATV, shown your room/cabin, given a short orientation about moving around bears, then taken into the field until a 1 PM lunch. At 2 PM you are transported back into the field to view bears, then returned to the lodge no later than 6:45 PM, in time for a 7 PM dinner. Depending on weather and your interests, we can sometimes continue with bear viewing, with a 10 PM curfew on national park activities. The next morning there is a short window for bear viewing following breakfast at 8 AM, until your departure at approximately 9:30 AM.

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